"Tree of Life" fountain at Boston College




"Your ability to draw out the essay from the student is remarkable!"


The kind comment above was made by a parent.

A comment I often receive from students is:

"I never would have thought to write about that!"



I help students positively highlight their character and values using their unique experiences, to write a thoughtful and articulate college essay that only they could write!



"Frog Fountain" at Texas Christian University

Performing Arts Auditions and Interviews


Students planning to audition for selective BFA programs need help from the best. I'll connect you with the admissions director of a top drama department in New York to make sure you are fully prepared!






  • General Question and Answer Sessions
  • Curriculum Selection
  • Essay Topic Brainstorming, Guidance, Review, and/or Proofreading
  • Financial Aid and College Affordability (the FAFSA and the CSS Profile aid applications; and finding schools where you may qualify for need-based aid and/or merit aid)
  • Counseling for the SAT, ACT and SUBJECT exams
  • College Visit Planning 
  • Activities Resume 
  • College Application Review
  • ZeeMee (or other personal video) guidance and review 
  • Special Circumstances Guidance for Essay and Application
  • Mock Interviews
  • Summer Planning
  • Gap Year Planning
  • Transfer Planning
  • College Planning for American Students currently living overseas
  • Assistance for International Students applying to college in the U.S.
  • Scholarship Applications & Essays)
  • Applying to Military Academies
  • Assistance & Resources for Students with Learning Differences
  • Employment Resume
  • Other



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