Helping students worldwide navigate college admissions
Helping students worldwide navigate college admissions
SJC College Counseling, LLC
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Helping students worldwide navigate college admissions 


College admissions can be confusing. Information–and misinformation–is everywhere. It's hard to know where to start.


Many parents don't have time to investigate the process, organize it all, and provide ongoing support. Instead, they'd prefer the expertise and oversight of a specialist they can trust to offer targeted, curated guidance based on their child's unique needs.


Getting professional assistance from SJC College Counseling makes sense. Please contact Sandy for more information and we can get started right away.



SJC College Counseling's Class of 2024!

Some of your college admissions included American Univ, Boston Univ, Clemson Univ, DePaul Univ, Drexel Univ, Fordham Univ, George Mason Univ, George Washington Univ, James Madison Univ, Northeastern Univ, Penn State, Shenandoah Univ, Univ of Maryland, Univ of Pittsburg, Univ of San Francisco, Univ of Toronto, Univ of Virginia, Univ of Washington, VCU, Virginia Tech, College of William and Mary, and Yale Univ.


SJC College Counseling works with high school students and their families in the college planning and application process, as well as current college students seeking assistance with gap year options, resumes, or transferring.







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