Helping students worldwide navigate college admissions
Helping students worldwide navigate college admissions
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Washington DC Internships Distinguish American University's

Gap Program


Not all college-bound students begin their journey into higher education a few months after high school graduation. Some may be eager for a new, non-classroom experience, or want to explore the working world before settling in for years of study. Others may not have planned to take time off, but were admitted to their top-choice college not for the upcoming fall, but for the following spring...


University of California:

Restrictions for Out-of-State Students Seeking Resident Tuition


The nine University of California campuses, featuring top programs in sunny locales, attract many out-of-state students. UCLA, for example, processed 113,761 applications last fall — the highest in the nation – with 22,822 from out-of-state.

Those numbers make admission very competitive, but out-of-state students can take heart: they are admitted at a higher rate (22% of out-of state applicants to UCLA were admitted in 2018, versus 12% of in-state), because fewer will ultimately enroll (24% of admitted out-of-state students to UCLA enrolled, versus 50% of in-state). The nonresident tuition, however, can sting – it’s an additional $28,992 per year.

   All About UC Berkeley's Management, Entrepreneurship,

& Technology (M.E.T.) Dual Degree


In the past, aspiring entrepreneurs with interests in both engineering and business gained their expertise "in a silo," says Chris Dito, Executive Director of the M.E.T. program at the University of California, Berkeley. (more)

University of California Application:

10 Requirements Out-of-State Students Don't Expect


Are you California dreaming? Do you want to spend your undergraduate years on a University of California (UC) campus? The news is good — in spite of growing protests in recent years from many Californians (who believe resident students are being squeezed out) the percentage of out-of-state (and international) freshmen across all UC campuses is at an all-time high. (more)

University of California: 10 Rules About the Arts Requirements 



Applicants to the University of California (UC) must complete fifteen college-prep courses for admission to any UC campus. One of those courses must be from Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). The VPA requirement can be confusing to out-of-state students, because many high schools do not require completion of an arts course to graduate (more)

Demonstrated Interest: Ten Ways to Connect With Colleges


Colleges want to admit students who will accept their offer of admission. Doing so increases their yield (the percentage of admitted students who enroll). A high yield is not just a marker of popularity for the college and a way to boost its rankings; it also strengthens a college’s ability to shape its freshmen class, because a greater number of admitted students can be counted on to attend. (more)

30 Summer STEM Camps for High School Freshmen


Summer is a good time for high school students to explore their interests. A little research and planning can uncover ways to investigate an idea, acquire a new skill, or demonstrate a specialty with independent research or projects. In the fields of STEM, especially, there are many options available, including residential summer camps.

The problem for current high school freshmen (rising sophomores), however, is that many of these camps restrict attendance to their older classmates: rising juniors and seniors. (more)

Note to Parents: Do Not Write Your Student's

College Admission Essay


Is it difficult for college admission officers to tell when a student has not written his own application essay? No, it often isn’t difficult at all. Admission officers read thousands of college essays, year after year. (more)

Three Times You'll Be Glad You Didn't Blow Off College Visits


“I’ll visit the campus if I’m admitted. Visiting takes too much time; besides, I’ll probably just go to the top school that admits me.” For students who have the means to travel, but who plan to give more weight to rankings than personal fit in their final college choice, skipping exploratory college visits might represent a reasoned admissions strategy. (more)

How and Why ZeeMee Updated Your

2017-18 College Admission Video


Think of the ZeeMee digital video as a live resume for your college application. It’s an opportunity to introduce yourself, show your personality and share your story, as well as make a more personal connection with your application reader. (more)

Don't Be Perfect and Other Tips

for Your ZeeMee College Admissions Video


During the college admissions process, sharing your story as part of your application provides context and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself. In the past, this has been accomplished by submitting at least one essay with your college application and at some schools, scheduling a personal interview. Today’s Snapchat Generation can also submit a concise video specifically geared to the college admissions process via digital video manager ZeeMee. (more)

Ten Tips to Elevate Your Extracurricular Activities


If you are a high school student keeping up your grades and keeping busy with some activities you enjoy, while also spending time with family and friends, congratulate yourself! You are obviously managing your time well as you work towards your goals. Having said that, many students decide they want to do more. Specifically, they hope to differentiate themselves on their college applications with an outstanding extracurricular resume. (more)

New NCAA Website Helps High School Athletes Explore

Eligibility for College Play Earlier



When the NCAA updated its Eligibility Center website in November, the goal was to make it “a lot easier for students to navigate,” says Gretchen Morin, Coordinator of Eligibility Center Communications. (more)

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